Timber Auctions is an established and proven method of marketing both standing and roadside timber parcels.

Timber Auctions is a partnership, bringing together forestry and auctioneering expertise with the purpose of marketing of your timber to deliver best value for you as the seller. 


Internet Based Sales Forum

Timber Auctions is now web based providing a fast, stable and easy to use sales portal for standing and felled timber. 



Timber Auctions provides a nationwide independent timber marketing service for owners, growers, agents and managers of woodlands.

  • We handle parcels of hardwood, softwood, co products or biofuel anywhere in the UK,
  • We will sell timber as standing, roadside or delivered contracts,
  • We sell by auction, tender or negotiation to ensure best value for the vendor.
  • We can run open or restricted tenders as required by the vendor.



We offer a personal service to guide you through the sales process backed up by a “timber sales contract” which we can adapt to suit the requirements of your parcel. 

For “corporate members” we provide the following information:

  1. “10 steps to selling timber “guide to explain the process for the landowner.
  2. A guide to “felling, grading and selling hardwoods”.
  3. Guidance note on managing your timber sale
  4. Up to date market information


We are always available to answer questions and offer guidance by phone or e-mail.


How It Works 

  • You contact us so that we can discuss the timber you are thinking of selling. You can do this by telephone, email or by submitting a simple on-line form 
  • We will offer advice on the value of your timber and the best method of sale.
  • If you decide to proceed you will need to provide more detail, maps, crop information, felling licence and timings for the sale. We will help you prepare “Site Specific Conditions” and “Payment terms and conditions”.
  • We then create a draft catalogue entry for your  approval
  • Your timber will then be actively marketed by phone and e-mail as well as being displayed on our website for 4 to 6 weeks.
  • We will liaise with potential buyers so they can inspect the parcel.
  • Interested buyers will then bid on-line against each other for your timber or in the case of a tender they will submit their best online offer by the deadline.
  • We will then summarise the bids and forward them to you for you to consider. We will offer guidance on the relative value of different bids and help you come to an informed decision on which bid to accept.
  • When a sale is agreed we send written confirmation to you and the buyer.
  • During the whole process from initial contact to sale agreement we will provide advice and guidance ensuring the best possible outcome for you.


What It Costs

  • Access to the system for viewing live auctions and sale catalogues is free
  • Independent marketing advice and guidance is free 
  • Registration as a timber seller is free
  • The cost of actually selling timber through is very low and we offer a choice of charges so that you can pick the most cost effective for you:


Individual Sellers 

For those with a single parcel or lower value timber we offer this option where we will charge a set commission fee of in the event of a successful sale which is dependent on the value of the parcel. 

A typical range is 1 to 2.5% (subject to a minimum commission charge of £150). 

 If there is no sale there will be no commission charge. As above there will be a charge of £50 plus VAT per lot to cover administration costs and this is payable regardless of whether or not the parcel sells.


Buyers Commission

We charge buyers a set commission fee in the event of a successful sale which is again dependent on the value of the parcel. A typical range is 1 to 2%.


Parcel size

We have a minimum lot value requirement of £5000

To put this into context it is around;

100 tonnes of processor sized firewood at roadside,

100 tonnes of mixed conifer sawlogs or palletwood at roadside,

200 tonnes of mixed conifer chipwood at roadside ,

250 tonnes of standing clearfell  timber.

500 tonnes of standing thinning timber.


Exclusive branded sales.

We can offer you exclusive branded sales or you could put your lots into the monthly scheduled sales, we can also run one off tenders or auctions for customers as required.


Home Page Logo Link 

For an additional £250 plus VAT per year you can feature your company logo on our home page which will link directly to your company website.


Benefits of using Timber Auctions for sellers.

  • Maximum exposure to potential buyers, local, national and international,
  • Regular monthly  sales as well as bespoke customer events,
  • Reliable exposure to the spot market,
  • Accurate and current market information,
  • Excellent method of market testing and benchmarking prices,
  • Dedicated customer support,
  • Extensive database of buyers for all categories of timber.


Benefits of using Timber Auctions for buyers.

  • Regular open market sales.
  • Reliable exposure to the spot market,
  • Accurate and current market information,
  • Excellent method of market testing and benchmarking prices,
  • Good opportunities for spot purchasing outside of core areas.


Next steps

  1. Register as a user, vendor or become a corporate member,
  2. Discuss your sales plan with us, we can help with advice on what to sell when and how,
  3. Offer a trial parcel, we will agree a method of sale and reserve price with you,
  4. Allow us 6 weeks to list the parcel on our website and market it to prospective buyers.