If you are a buyer of UK Round Wood, Timber Auctions is a service designed for you



  • Global internet access to timber available through the TimberAuction system
  • Open and accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Fast download of lot details, maps and contact information
  • Simple & confidential registration process to allow you to bid
  • Confidential, simple and hassle-free method of bidding
  • Regular source of open market timber supplies
  • Potential cost savings through better organisation of your time and resources
  • Historical and up to date price information
  • View our live auctions – watch timber sell and keep abreast of the market!

How It Works

  • View catalogues on line and download details
  • Contact the seller or agent and view the timber for valuation purposes
  • Register online as a timber buyer
  • Take part in online auctions or online tender sales
  • If you are successful we send you written confirmation
  • You then progress with the sale in accordance with contract conditions and  arrangements between you and the seller

What It Costs

  • Access and use of the system is free
  • Registration as a buyer is also free
  • If you buy a lot you will be charged a fixed buyer’s premium (Usually between 1% & 2% plus VAT)
  • The above premium will be based on the lot value and is payable in addition to the bid price made by you in the auction or tender sale
  • As a registered buyer you will have the option to purchase an annual presence on our home page for £200 plus VAT consisting of your company logo which will link directly to your own website

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information or assistance