200+ timber sales

Since 1995 we have carried out over 200 electronic timber sales.

30 years of experience

30 years of experience in forest management harvesting and processing.

150,000t of logs per annum

In 2021 we sold over 150,000t with a value approaching £10 million pounds.

150 yeaRs of history

150 years of auctioneering history from cattle to combines, antique tables to trees!

About Us


Timber Auctions operate Europe's leading electronic round timber marketing service for buyers and sellers throughout the UK.

Timber Auctions monthly electronic timber sales have been operating non stop since 1995, selling over £16 million worth of hardwood and softwood timber from both privately owned and Forestry Commission woodlands.

Our clients include individual woodland owners, estates, syndicates, trusts, pension funds, investment companies, management companies, consultants, local authorities, The Woodland Trust, The National Trust and the Forestry Commission.

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Latest News

Harvesting of diseased ash progressing well

Extracting 2.5m firewood

Felling and extraction of firewood and brash progressing well.

The exceptionally dry weather has kept ground damage to a minimum.

The team from J H Forestry are carrying out a selective felling to remove diseased ash and poorer quality stems of beech, sycamore, hornbeam and larch in preparation for replanting.

Sand Martin Discovery

July 2022

A little bit different to the normal inspections of crops for felling. 

Final Marking of Seed Trees

July 2022

Final marking of seed trees in a clearfell of really good quality mature ash in North Yorkshire. 


Glen Devon Spruce

June 2022

A nice parcel of spruce in Glen Devon which will be coming on to the market in late 2022. 

Scottish Tour

May 2022

A trip to the highlands and islands to look at standing parcels of timber for sale in the second half of 2022.